Encounter Encounter San Luis is a new section, in which we provide you with an itinerary of some of the places of interest for the tourists and foreign entrepreneurs. In this section we talk about the three principal sectors of the economy of the city.

Plaza Karakora

Por Bertha G. Taméz

Five years ago, this outdoor mall opened its doors for the first time, it is located in one of the nicest zones around San Luis Potosí its right next to the BMW car agency and the Mini cooper car agency, also it is 3 minute walk from the Hilton Hotel and the Conrad hotel.

This outdoor mall its specifically made for children and for the family, so they can have a place in which they can spend time together and enjoy the evening together. It has it’s own parking lot, it has free wifi, public toilets and tables and benches in which you can sit and eat, it also has its own private security team so you can relax and enjoy the evening with your family.

In the center of the mall there is a playground for the kids they have games for small kids and games for older kids, also all the business that are surrounding the playground area inside the mall have a huge variety of different types of food such as typical Mexican food like Tacos and Tortas, Japanese food, Chinese food, Spanish food, seafood, and an ice-cream shop, and a shop with all different types of snack for the kids. There is also a lego store in where the kids can built legos for as long as they want or they can just stop by and by one toy, as well as a famous library that has one of its franchises in this mall they have all different types of books but due to the fact that this one is located in this mall they have almost only books for the children. In addition there is also a beauty salon specialized on kids, where they can get they hair cuts or they can get their faces painted with their favorite superhero or princess, also there you can get your nails done or your makeup done.

The best part of all its that the entrance to this mall or “park” is free! The only condition for making use of the installations is to consume the products of the business.