Encounter Encounter San Luis is a new section, in which we provide you with an itinerary of some of the places of interest for the tourists and foreign entrepreneurs. In this section we talk about the three principal sectors of the economy of the city.

Gran Central, Quinta Real Palacio de San Agustin & Museo de la Máscara

Por Bertha G. Taméz

In this edition of Encounter San Luis, we have brought you three places of excellence in San Luis the restaurant Gran Central, the Quinta Real Hotel and The museum of the mask.

Gran Central

This restaurant was opened in 2014 by a group of entrepreneurs from San Luis Potosí.

The strength of the restaurant is it’s amazing dishes, they only use ingredients of the highest quality and they also offer a huge variety of cocktails and gins. The place is very nice, it looks like a proper old train central. “We represent the best of our city, offering the highest quality of food and beverages, seeking to stand out in the food sector in our city and in the Mexico.”

Quinta Real Palacio de San Agustin

The Quinta Real hotel was made in a seventeenth century mansion, the hotel itself is a living museum, full of history and French furniture, everything inside of it dates from the early seventeenth century till the late eighteenth century.

The name comes from the fact that the mansion used to be owned by the order of San Agustin, they used to welcome distinguished guests.

The hotel is in the Historical Center of San Luis and it offers to their customers the elegance and the magic of the past. Also, the hotel offers several services such as a spa, a boutique, a swimming pool, a restaurant, etc. 

Museo de la Máscara

This museum is very famous around the city and the country, due it’s uniqueness. The masks have been exhibited around the globe, in countries such as Germany, France, Japan, England, the USA, Portugal, Italy, etc.

The museum wasn’t a museum at first, the building was finished in 1897, in 1903 the museum was owned by the government and there were the telegraph offices after that, they began to share the building with the tax office. A couple of years later the telegraph office was moved to another building as well as the tax offices in order to leave the entire building as a museum. The inauguration of the museum was in 1982 all the masks were donated by the engineer Victor Moya.