Encounter Encounter San Luis is a new section, in which we provide you with an itinerary of some of the places of interest for the tourists and foreign entrepreneurs. In this section we talk about the three principal sectors of the economy of the city.

Santa María del Río

Por Bertha Taméz

Santa Maria del Rio it is a municipally inside San Luis, is about 45 mn car ride. Santa Maria is quite famous for its handmade shawls there is a factory in which the indigenous women make them. In addition there are several crafts that are only made in here such as clay pots and plates as well as artifacts made from the agave fiber. People from all over the country come to visit this small municipally due to the richness of this one.

Where to eat?

There are several places to eat traditional Mexican food such as gorditas, tacos, enchiladas and more. However there is one place that makes people from the capital drive all the way to Santa Maria, “La muralla China” (the great wall of china), as it name suggest this restaurant serves Chinese food, this place has years of experience. They have an extended menu but their speciality is their fried rice, and their orange chicken. The restaurant itself is quite small and not luxurious at all however it keeps attracting a lot of clients due to its amazing food.

Where to stay?

The Hotel Lourdes is your best option to stay, it has two swimming pools, a spa, thermal waters, a restaurant, basketball court, tennis court, fronton court and more! The hotel also is right next to the “Aguas de Lourdes” bottler therefore you can have a tour inside of it. The hotel is also right next to the river, there is a bridge that you can cross to get to the hill.

The hotel also has several activities for children so all the family can enjoy their stay. If you don’t want to stay the night there and you just want to spend the day and then go back home you can make use of all the facilities that the hotel offers you just have to pay a small fee.

What to do?

As previously mentioned you can get a guided tour inside the bottler, or you can visit the chapel or one of the many churches that are in Santa Maria, you could also visit the “Shawl museum” in which you will how the shawls are made, or you could hike in the hill or do some hose back riding!