Encounter San Luis is a new section, in which we provide you with an itinerary of some of the places of interest for the tourists and foreign entrepreneurs.


By Bertha Taméz


The naranjo it’s a municipality located in the Huasteca region; the magic of this place consists on it’s waterfalls. The name of “El Naranjo” means “The Orange tree”, they decided to name the municipality like this because there used to be an orange tree on the entrance of the municipality so all the people that went there used to use the tree as a reference point for the municipality.

They say you need to visit this place twice on your life time, one on the rainy season in order to see all the waterfalls, and the other when its the dry season in order to swim in the waters and also to do water activities.

On this municipality there are three “attractions” you can’t miss. The first one is the waterfall “El Salto”. On this waterfall you can swim due to the fact that it has pools, therefore you can swim inside of them, the only matter with this waterfall is that you can only see it on the rainy season because the rest of the year it’s completely  dry.

The second thing you can’t miss is the “Paraje El Meco” its basically a lookout from which you can marvel yourself with the amazing views, it is completely free you just park you car and enjoy.

And last but not least the waterfalls “Minas Viejas”. These mines are the most visited attraction, basically there are two waterfalls that united at the bottom and form a pool with unbelievable shades of blue. You ca either swim in here or just camp right next to them and enjoy the view.