Encounter Encounter San Luis is a new section, in which we provide you with an itinerary of some of the places of interest for the tourists and foreign entrepreneurs. In this section we talk about the three principal sectors of the economy of the city.

La casa de la cultura

Por Bertha Taméz


La casa de cultura “the culture house” was built in 1919 for an Irish merchant that lived in San Luis, in around 1970 the house became “La casa de la cultura of San Luis” and in 1944 was named the Francisco Cossio’s museum in honor of the architect.

This museum became the museum with the largest collection of art in Mexico and one of the most important ones. Nowadays you will find art and objects from the geological ages all the way through the prehispanic culture as well as occidental art from the XVI to the XX century.

The house is divided into three different spaces in which there are some permanent exhibitions, temporal exhibitions and conference rooms, there is also an amphitheater in which you can enjoy ballet, or piano concerts. From the outside you can enjoy the view of its amazing gardens and see the magnificent sculptures there are, the museum has two libraries with you can visit and read some historic books you will only be able to find there.

The house was designed in a neoclassic style it was built with carry rock therefore it has a pink touch.

La casa de la cultura its open to the public form Tuesday to Sunday all morning and during the week days is also opened in the afternoon. It gas a very cheap entrance price from adults and children. After your visit you can enjoy an amazing meal in one the restaurants that are located around the street, specially the one that a full view to the garden. “El Bife” its located right next to the culture house they offer a huge variety of dishes and cocktails.