Encounter San Luis is a new section, in which we provide you with an itinerary of some of the places of interest for the tourists and foreign entrepreneurs.

Encounter impresa

Por Bertha Taméz

In this edition of Encounter San Luis we visited some places we think you will love, in order to rest and enjoy your visit in the city. 


La Piquería Mezcaleria  


This mezcaleria is well known due to obvious reasons, they produce their own mezcal that they sell there and they have other brands of mezcales that you can enjoy, their speciality besides from their mezcal is the range of cheeses you can try!

In addition, there is always something going on in La Piquería, from life music to art exhibitions you will enjoy your time in here. This place is in the town centre therefore after your mezcal you could have a walk around the area.


Canto de Sal 


This luxury hotel and spa is in the ranch Canto de Sal one of the main features of this place is in fact its own location, this is because it is located at one hour driving from San Luis potosi, Zacatecas and Aguascalientes 

This luxury hotel and spa its one of its kind it provides a huge range of activities for all the family, or if you and your partner want to enjoy a romantic getaway Canto de Sal is your best option to make your visit unforgettable. 

Canto the sal is one of the biggest spa in LatinAmerica, therefore it has a service for anything you could be looking for. For example they offer hydrotherapy in sea water, they have an iglu that isolates you from any noice, it has yoga lessons, a fitness center, even horse back riding! 

You won’t regret visiting Canto de Sal, so prepare yourself relax and enjoy!


Mexico de Frida 


This restaurant is one of the best restaurants in San Luis and I would even dare to say it is the best Mexican restaurant in town, if you are in San Luis you can’t skip a visit to the Mexico de Frida. 

One emblematic feature of this restaurant is its decoration, this restaurant fully represent Mexico’s culture, the restaurant its full of colours, it has a lot of handmade masks, paintings, and tradicional decorations. The menu is very extended they offer a huge selection of tradicional Mexican dishes and some house specials that you definitely have to try. 

The restaurant is divided in two different floors you can enjoy your meal on the ground floor in which you will se all the colorful walls and masks, etc. Or you can enjoy your meal on the terrace in which you will see some handmade “alebrijes”.

The restaurant provides a parking lot, it has a lift and all the food you could ask for.