Encounter San Luis is a new section, in which we provide you with an itinerary of some of the places of interest for the tourists and foreign entrepreneurs.

Must see in San Luis

by Ana Cristina Pizzuto

Museo Regional Potosino (Regional Potosino Museum)


Located in the core of our beautiful downtown, the Regional Potosino Museum is situated in one of the oldest, and most historic buildings in the city. It was built in 1586, around the time when the city was founded, and belonged to the Franciscan convent. 

Inside the museum you can find one the most important archeological collections of Mesoamerica and the Huasteca area, as well as the City Foundation Act. Furthermore, it houses a great collection of art of the Virreinal time. 

There you will find a lot of what makes San Luis Potosí, such a unique an historic city due to its rich architectural history and the beautiful and interesting pieces that are showcased inside. 



NAWÁ, gourmet and local cuisine restaurant. 


This restaurant is the perfect place for you to discover what the local cuisine is about. This place is not just another regional food restaurant, they have worked on translating the native cuisine into food that is up to date with the gourmet world. People in NAWÁ are very conscious on what they serve and make sure that you have an awesome and very gourmet experience throughout your meal. The ingredients that they use, can be found within the San Luis Potosi  state, and they adapt their menu depending on the season to make sure that the quality of the food is exquisite.

This place is great to go with your family and get to experience a very unusual, but gourmet and local cuisine in San Luis. 


Quinta Real Palacio de San Agustín Hotel


This one of the most iconic hotels in the city. Located very close to the Regional Potosino Museum, this hotel was a historic mansion that was built in the 1600’s and inhabited by the very special guests of the Agustinian monks. It has hosted people going from, philosophers, to militars, physicians to miners and many people who marked San Luis Potosí’s history throughout time. Its architectural heritage is a civilian neoclasic that is still preserved in the hotel. The furniture of the hotel is mostly original, though they have created an ambiance that assembles the time when it was built and used. Adding to that,

As soon as you arrive, you’ll get the feeling of being in another time and place, they will make your stay in San Luis Potosí remarkable and the most authentic.