Encounter San Luis is a new section, in which we provide you with an itinerary of some of the places of interest for the tourists and foreign entrepreneurs.

Pokeworks, Want to go parting in San Luis? & Alboa

By Bertha Taméz


Pokeworks its basically a Poke bar in which you can stay there to eat your Poke, if you are in a rush you can order to go, or if you just aren’t bothered to go out you can order your Poke by uber eats, rappi and more platforms that take the food to your place.

Pokeworks was first founded in 2015 with the main idea of bringing people flavorful food with ingredients of the best quality and with original recipes from Hawaii.

All of this was posible due to the help of the chef Sheldon Simeon which is an alumnus of Bravo’s Top Chef and the executive chef/ owner of Maui’s Tin Roof.

Pokeworks is not only a PokeBar with flavorful food and original and exclusive recipes, but in addition they view responsibly-sourced seafood as more than just a trend like many other PokeBars in San Luis and in the world,  Pokeworks believes in the importance of meeting today’s needs while preserving our oceans so that future generations will never have to fish in troubled waters. All of their products are sustainable, and eco-friendly, even the fish they use comes from suppliers which don’t stress the animal.

Want to go parting in San Luis?

We bring you a selection of places to go and have fun in town!

There are several night clubs at San Luis, for all kinds of people, you can enjoy a more relaxed night with good old music and live bands in “Epocas” which is located at the entrance of the town center.

Or you can spend your Friday nights at “7 Tragos” the newest night club in San Luis, in here you would be able to have a few drinks or even have dinner. This place is located near the “Plaza San Luis” and the university “Tecnologico de Monterrey”.

In the other hand if what you are looking for is a more exclusive night club on Saturday nights “RUA” it’s your place. You can have a few martinis with your friends in the new rooftop, which is the only rooftop of this kind now in San Luis and afterwards you can enjoy the music inside the night club.


If you want to relax wont your friends and family and do something a bit different you can go bowling to Alboa. This place is in the mall “Citadella” right next to the park “Tangamanga”.Alboa was the first entertainment hall in mexico, at the same place you will experiences the best food, mixology, bowling, sports bar and live shows.This place is the newest and the best place in San Luis for bowling.